General FAQs

Is Your Website Secure?

Yes. Trackinginc.com uses a 128-bit Secured environment for your protection.

Where do Your Units Work?

Our units work anywhere in the world as long a there is a telecom provider for the GPRS and GSM services.

What’s The Fastest Way to Contact Technical Support?

Tracking INC technical support can be contacted by phone from 8 – 5 ATL (Atlantic Time), Monday – Friday at: 599-543-4232. Our technical team is also available via email at support@trackinginc.com

How Do I Purchase More Devices?

Visit the following website: http://www.trackinginc.com and request a quote or call us at 599-543-4232. You can also email sales@trackinginc.com

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Tracking Platform FAQs

How Do I Change My Password?

  1. Locate the toolbar at the top of your login screen.
  2. Find the tab labeled “ADMINISTRATION.”
  3. Select “CHANGE PASSWORD.”
  4. Enter Your New Password.

Why Are My Report Times Incorrect?

Your times might not be set correctly. Make sure your computer clock (on the bottom right corner of your screen) has the correct time. Also, check your user preferences to make sure your time zone is correct.

How Do I Change My Time Zone?

  1. Select the tab “ADMINISTRATION” from the top of your screen.
  2. Select “Account Admin.”
  3. Adjust your time zone as necessary.

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How Do I Disable/Activate A Geofence?

  1. Select “Geo-fence Admin” located towards the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.
  2. Select the Geofence you wish to activate or disable.
  3. Hit EDIT and Check or uncheck the corresponding box.

I Got A “Timed Out” Message. Now What?

A timed out message appears when the device does not receive all software messages. Try polling the device and then resaving the settings.

My Device Hasn’t Reported For Awhile. Why?

Here Are Some Possible Explanations:

  • The device is out of the cellular network coverage area, and is not able to report its positions into the server. The device will start reporting again once it is inside of a service area. This is common in mountainous or rural areas with little cellular network coverage. The RMT Informer will store up to 150 updates while not in coverage area.
  • The messages sent from the device are hung up on the cellular network. This is usually due to high network traffic. Within a short amount of time, the missed messages should be reported.
  • The device may not be getting power.
  • The device has stalled and needs to be reset. In order to have your device reset, please call Tracking INC technical support during regular business hours.

My Device is Showing “Invalid Coordinates” or “No Fix.” What Happened?

There are a few possible explanations why the device may have trouble reporting.

  • The device does not have a GPS satellite fix. This usually occurs when the vehicle is in a location where it does not have a clear view of the sky, such as a garage or parking structure. The device will be unable to report valid locations until it has GPS connectivity.
  • The device antenna may be in a location in the vehicle where it cannot get good GPS satellite coverage, please check the antenna placement.
  • The device’s GPS receiver has stalled and needs to be reset. In order to have your device reset, please contact Tracking INC Tech Support during regular business hours.

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What is Polling?

Polling is the process of receiving the vehicles current location. This is separate from the regular report intervals.

What is AUTO UPDATE? How to I Turn AUTO UPDATE On and Off?

Auto update is a feature that can be selected for use with a single device or on the group tracking page. When Auto Update is turned one, the map will refresh every 20 seconds. To turn Auto Update on and off, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the vehicle that you want to track.
  2. Select the “Auto Update” feature.
  3. Repeat these steps to turn off the Auto Update feature.

You will know that the Auto Update feature has been activated by looking at the Auto Update Icon. This box will countdown 20 Sec continuously when the feature is on.

Note: If the device’s reporting interval is not configured to update every 20 seconds, Auto Update will not change anything.

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What is the Events Area? How Are Events Different from History?

Events are various occurrences that impact a device. Such events include geo-fence exits and entries, ignition starts and stops, thefts, and poll attempts. Events do not show all current device activity. Contrastingly, the locations of all updates can be seen while viewing “History.”

What is a History? How is it different from Events?

History is a display of all vehicle updates and movements in a given timeframe, which is specified by the user. To find the history section, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a vehicle.
  2. Enter desired time-frame by using the calendar located to the right of the time-frame space.
  3. Select “UPDATE.”

You can then navigate the activity report displayed at the bottom of the map. You can also view vehicle movements by looking at the map.

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What are Geo-fences?

Geo-fences are virtual boundaries placed on a map. When geo-fence parameters have been set, a device will send reports to users when these boundaries have been entered or exited. A geo-fence ensures that a vehicle will remain within certain areas. It is possible to set up multiple geo-fences.

What are the User Preferences?

User preferences are settings that can be changed by the user. To access user preferences, select “Tools” then “User Preferences.” Once the User Preferences dialog box has been opened, you can change the map refresh intervals, adjust a time zone, change your password, or enter a new email address.

The “Default” and “Custom Events” options allow users to specify personalized event system commands. When specified events occur, users can ask the system to perform certain tasks. These tasks include sound notification, email notification, and software zoom.

Can I Use This Device for Stolen Vehicle Recovery?

Yes. Tracking INC however does not sell this service as a vehicle recovery service and Is not responsible to damage cause to the unit, vehicle or any other assets due to theft

Does This Unite Contain a Motion Sensor?

Yes. The unit is activated as soon as the vehicle is in motion. When the vehicle has stopped for more than 4 minutes, the unit will automatically go into sleep mode to conserve battery life.