Your Professional Tracking System

Rising fuel costs and car theft are major concerns of every driver or business who owns a fleet of vehicles, so being able to protect your assets and streamlining operating costs in a business are two of the top functional features when it comes to choosing an AVL tracking system. Whether it is for personal or commercial use, Tracking INC provides such a solution and so much more. Like being able to actively immobilize your vehicle if you have found it to be stolen or cutting down on fuel costs by reducing engine idling.

Tracking INC is a professional tracking system that has integrated powerful chips for GPS positioning – providing high sensitivity of up to -186 dBW and quad-band wireless module that provides global coverage and the needed reliability. Our system is a highly flexible AVL tracking system with the ability to provide realtime reports via GPRS or SMS and for people who are looking for active or passive tracking capabilities, Tracking INC can also be used as a data logger for manual download or the logs can be sent over GPRS and email at the end of each working day.


Versatile Tracking Applications

Vehicle Tracking – track and locate your valued assets in realtime with high accuracy in some of the most difficult environments, including urban canyons and under dense foliage. Tracking INC utilizes the pinpoint accuracy of the high sensitivity GPS chipset to acquire GPS positioning and one of the most reliable modems on the market based on a Cinterion (original SIEMENS team) solution.

Fleet Management – manage your fleet of any size by increasing efficiency and reliability you provide to customers with some basic features like a virtual odometer and reporting of alarms in realtime for engine idling and the entry/exit of geofences. Our devices are also able to “store and forward” GPS data in the event there is a loss of GPRS coverage, this feature is especially useful if your carrier is not able to roam onto another carrier’s network.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) – With Tracking INC you can instantly track and immobilize your vehicle via GPRS or SMS in realtime, a panic alarm feature is part of the Tracking INC system with the ability to set its own tracking interval once a panic button has been triggered.

Teenage Tracking – locate your teenager and receive alarms for overspeeding and set up to 10 geofences where you will be notified upon the entry/exit of the preset virtual fences you have configured. Forgotten keys can be recovered with a simple command to unlock the car door via a SMS command from a mobile phone.